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      時間:2017-06-19 22:39:38


        i believe you can do it !come on !!!

        it's nice to be important,but it's more important to be nice.

        join it and enjoy it! start ahead nothing is impossible engineered

        go all out to do everything 全力以赴

        for the love of sports 為運動而戰

        sure win!

        we are the best one!

        we are the best!we are the champion!

        united we play,united we win with our support,

        challenge out own,fly our dreams start here

        hopelessly devoted to a cure! you're the one that we want!

        practice winning everyday! no back can run winner!

        work will win when wishing won't! no tears,only sweat achieve u!

        winners never quit! just run for yourself! ready for battle!

        good enough is never enough! the pride you gain is worth the pain! pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!

        it's not the winning, it's the taking apart our bark is not worse than our bite!

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