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        1, every man has such two women, at least two. Married red roses, over time, red changed the wall of a smear of mosquito blood, white or moonlight in front of the bed. "Red rose and white rose"

        2, at the moment I saw you, I was tachycardia. "The heart"

        3. Some people are very lucky to find it soon. And someone has to look for a lifetime. "Glass bottle"

        4. There are so many cities in the world that there are so many pubs in the city, and she walks into me. "Casablanca"

        5. Who has not been suffering for the secret love? We always thought the infatuation was heavy and heavy, the heaviest weight in the world. "Angels love beauty"

        6, McDull he is not low, he is just kind. - "big McDull"

        7, I don't care whether you are a man or a woman. I only know I'm good at you. Descendants of royal families "--"

        8, not the bullet, but the beauty killed the beast. "King Kong"

        9, some people have grudge, and there are rivers and lakes with grudges. People are rivers and lakes, how do you quit. "The smile of the lake"

        10, we think love is very deep, very deep, the coming days, will let you know, it is very shallow, very shallow. The deepest and heaviest love must grow up with the time. "Angels love beauty"

        11, if you are music, I use only the best notes. "Love holiday"

        12, no! Say is a lifetime, less one year, one month, one day, one hour is not a lifetime... Farewell to My Concubine "--"

        13, when you want to eat when you have to eat, when you want to be loved, someone to love you. "Travels of the flying house ring"

        14, the feeling is like this, you hurt others, no matter whether or not, there will always be a person to hurt you. "I have an appointment with spring."

        15, I like and get used to keeping a distance to the changing things, so that I know what is the most unlikely rule to be abandoned by time. - "sleepless in Seattle"

        16, you jump, I jump. Titanic

        17, we all live in the past. We take a minute to know someone, one hour to love someone, and one day to love someone, to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone. - "the bridges of Madison County"

        18. Vodka is a luxury we have, and caviar is a luxury we have, but time is not. "The enemy approached the walls --"

        19. I don't love you. I don't want you. Degree space

        20, once there was a sincere love in front of me... "Big talk in the west"

        21, life is full of coincidences, and two parallel lines have a day of intersecting. "Go left to the right"

        22, good morning, Princess! "Beautiful life"

        23, people in this life so long, who has not fallen in love with some scumbag? - "love in the buff"

        24, if you leave me, do not comfort me, and know that every stitch will also suffer from the pain of puncture. -- "breaking up letter"

        25. I don't want a family to begin with a lie. It's disgusting. - "Moscow does not believe in tears"

        26, love this thing, time is very critical. It's not good to know too early or too late. "2046"

        27, a person can fall in love with many people during his lifetime. When you get your real happiness, you will understand that a pain is actually a treasure, which enables you to learn to better grasp and cherish the people you love. - Titanic

        28, even if you have a lot of reluctance in your heart, do not tell me that you love the person is not me. - "ashes of time"

        29. I think life is a gift. I don't want to waste it. You don't know what the next hand is. You have to learn to accept life. Titanic

        30, sister, you thousand years of practice, for a Xu Xian is worth it? - the "snake"

        31, you all know my character, I love the East West around, around, I love wandering, in fact, love is not a person with her for a lifetime, I love flowers, don't I pick you let me smell, I love the wind, you stop the wind, I love the cloud, don't you let the cloud cover me, I love the sea, I have to jump into the sea? "All over the world"

        32, love means never to say regret. "Love story"

        33. The love line, the lifeline and the career line on my hand are all your names. "The city of glass"

        34. I might be a bird in my previous life. If you are a bird, I am a bird, too. "The notebook"

        35, I do not know how many women I will love in my life, and I don't know which one I will like at the end. "The true story of the fly"

        36, when you are young, why do you have an answer, but when you are old, you may feel that there is no answer in life. Every day you have the chance to brush with many people. Some of you may become friends or confidant, so I never give up any opportunity to rub with people. Sometimes I get him head broken and bleeding! It's OK to be happy. "The fallen angel"

        37, when I was a child, looking at the stars all over the sky, when the meteor flew over, it was always too late to make a wish. - "the love that can't stop"

        38. I don't know what to say. I just missed her at that moment. "The subway to spring"

        39, fortunately for you, I am satisfied. "The Requiem of a dream"

        40, I love you not because of who you are, but who I can be in front of you. "Edward of the scissors"

        41, you don't say two times, and I believe it the two time. "Carmen of Mong Kok"

        42, I want you to know that in this world, there is always a person who will always be waiting for you. "Half life"

        43. "Dan Ping, will you love me forever?" "All my life." "The song of the night"

        44, I like to get up in the morning, everything is unknown, I do not know who will meet, what kind of outcome will be. Titanic

        45, from now on, you can only hurt me; to spoil me, can't cheat me; I promise every thing, you have to do; every word I say to do. - "lioness's roar"

        46. There is no law. There is no limit. There is only one rule: never fall in love. "Moulin Rouge"

        47, hugging is really wonderful, although the two heart is very close, but can not see the other's face. - "healing hands"

        48, you make me perfect. - don't say that. You have me and me when you first meet. Mr. sweetheart

        49, when I am happy, you have to be happy with me; when I am unhappy, you have to coax me to be happy; always feel that I am the most beautiful; you will also see me in your dream; you are the only one in my heart. - "lioness's roar"

        50, only with you I will have a happy life. You are the girl in my dream. Of course I'm a boy in your dream, too. "First love fifty times"

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